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At The Nieves Law Firm, we can assist you with your California expungement needs. Our firm is dedicated to taking care of your legal needs and addressing situations that may affect your reputation, liberty and freedom. We are dedicated to developing strong legal solutions to our clients’ issues in both an effective and efficient manner. We have a wealth of experience in legal remedies of this kind throughout Alameda, Contra Costa and the surrounding Bay Area.

 Our expungement attorneys have substantial experience in sealing records based on a strong legal defense. This is likely to help with expunging criminal records and providing clients with a clean criminal record in order to move forward unhandicapped in the professional world.

What is expungement?

An expungement, is the dismissal of your criminal conviction by way of a written request to the court. Once our lawyers achieve a dismissal pursuant to Penal Code 1203.4 then you will need longer be convicted of the crime.  This process does not erase the arrest from your criminal record but it will dismiss the charges against you which will help with your job applications.  You may be eligible for an expungement if you received probation and the following took place:

  • The probation was successfully completed or you were granted with an early release
  • All monetary issues have been closed; fines and restitutions have been paid
  • You are not facing any additional charges or are currently on another probation

If you were not sentenced to probation, you may also apply for expungement if the follow took place:

  • One year has passed since your conviction
  • You complied with all of the terms of your sentencing
  • You face no additional charges or additional probation
  • You have followed the law and been honest since your conviction

More Information On Expungement :

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Our talented lawyers in Oakland, CA aim to provide all of our clients with high level and results-driven support in order to accomplish their expungement goals.  We do this in all our cases including criminal defense of misdemeanors, felonies, and DUIs. We provide important legal advice to help you clean your record and clarify the complicated legal processes in order to best help you protect your reputation and safeguard your rights.

Our law firm serves Oakland, Alameda and all surrounding areas, including:

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About our California Law Firm:

Expungement law differs greatly from state to state and having an experienced, competent lawyer at your side is fundamental to your success. Here at the Nieves Law Firm, we are a dedicated team of lawyers that believe that our clients’ needs come first and they should always be kept up to date on the developments of their case. We attempt to always maintain an “open communication policy” with our clients so that we can answer any questions or solve any conflicts that may arise over time. We believe that your success is our success too and clearing your name is our utmost priority.

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