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When it comes to our legal defense and advocacy talents, the best advertisement is a happy and satisfied client. Here’s what previous clients have to say, and we welcome the opportunity to one day add your testimonial to the list. Call us at The Nieves Law Firm, APC at (510) 779-2082 or contact us here.

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I was kept up to date on everything promptly for my case. I shared a great talon with my attorney who helped me in every way. I would recommend this Firm to my friends.

Joseph A.

Super Respectful and really fought hard to give me the best result. Great experience and I would recommend her and her team to anyone in need.

Brian G.

I was treated with respect, kept up to date on my case, and felt comfortable about my decision in hiring this firm. Not that I wasn’t calm, but I felt a calming from everyone I dealt with at the firm.

The Nieves firm is professional, competent and reliable. Their web portal is an efficient means for communication, scheduling and retention of documents.


She treated me with respect and gave me trust, I felt I took a good decision and was able to notice the professionalism. The attorney and her assistant were very kind when attended our case. I’d say that she is very well prepared academically, and she has a background that shows enough experience to be able to trust her. Also, she is very kind.

Fanny P.

We were very pleased with our decision to use NLF. Jeremy was great. Very responsive and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this firm to all of my family and friends who needed an attorney. Very attentive and professional firm. It is apparent they are well respected in the courtroom and very knowledgeable. Since we did not have any dealings with the court system until this, we were a bit skeptical in finding the right attorney. We felt they walked is through everything perfectly. Their attention to detail and responsiveness was above and beyond what we expected.

Fernando R.

Jo-Anna was very nice and helpful. I would definitely refer someone to her.


She did everything to win my case. I am very satisfied with her. I will definitely recommend her.

Ching-Li W.

Very professional and I feel I made a good choice of hiring her. I felt confident and I have referred my attorney to both family and friends.

Gloria B.

She is the best. I was very comfortable. She does her work well. She was very helpful and she cared about my case. I won my case. Fantastic!

Aisha F.

Very reassuring, respected, kept up to date, definitely glad I decided on this attorney.

Brian L.

I could not have had a better lawyer than Jo-Anna Nieves. She was very knowledgeable about my case. She kept me up to date with my court dates and different options pertaining to my case. She made me feel at ease at such a difficult time. You are truly in good hands with Jo-Anna and The Nieves Law Firm. Thanks Jo-Anna!

Amber P.

The best in the business.

Jermaine E.


Bella A.

Great decision to hire Jo-Anna. Very respectful and up to date. Outstanding work!

Michael A.

I felt extremely comfortable with my attorney and very informed. I was treated respectfully. I would certainly recommend this attorney to friends and family. She was intelligent, more than capable and very kind.

Marie R.

The attorney was very professional, patient and understanding of our situation! Made everyone as comfortable and confident as possible. Given an experience that is inherently fraught with concern and discomfort, they were fantastic. I would recommend them highly!

Dwayne T.

Best decision to hire Jo Anna. I will definitely refer her to my family and friends.

Anjana G.

Jo-Anna treated me with a ton of respect, patience, kept up to date with everything and I felt really comfortable and confident after leaving her office from the very first day. My experience was great, I wasn’t too worried about my case anymore after the first day I sat down and met with Jo-Anna, nothing is ever guaranteed, but I felt certain that she could help me with what I needed to be helped with. For sure would recommend to anyone that asks me.

Joshua K.

Ms. Nieves was professional and respectful of my situations. She kept me informed on my case and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Ms. Nieves.

Laurie W.

I was treated with respect, kept up to date at all times, and feel positive that I made the correct decision. I would highly recommend the Nieces Law Firm to friends and family.

Brendan W.

Ms. Nieves was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

Charee W. Via Google

I have had the pleasure of connecting with Jo-Anna Nieves for about two years now. Her character, work ethic and accomplishments continue to inspire me and she has truly proven to be someone that I can always count on. I am forever grateful for the impact that her mentorship has had on my life and I am confident that her services will continue to change the lives of her clients.

Natalia C. Via Google

Jo-Anna helped me to win my case. She was well prepared before the trial.

Ching-Li W. Via Google

Competent, helpful, straightforward and sensitive. I highly recommend.

Taneesh K. Via Google

Excellent experience. Jo-Anna is a top notch attorney who did a wonderful job on a complex case. I would recommend her services to any one.

Lawrence P. Via Google

I am so thankful to find Jo-Anna & her office. I must have contacted a dozen attorneys and could not find assistance. I was not a defendant in a case but the plaintiff. She was still willing to help me with my case. She was extremely responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. Her decisions were always in my best interest. I would defiantly recommend Nieves Law Firm.

Ashley B. Via Google

Great helpful people!

Ryan R. Via Google

Pre-retainer consultation only because plaintiff withdrew the restraining order, but would have hired her.

Jay G. Via Google

Great work by caring people. Highly recommend, you will not be let down!

Ian B. Via Google

You are in great hands with Jo-Anna and The Nieves Law Firm!!!!!

Amber L. Via Google